Tej Kohli is an investor in growth-stage ventures that focus on machine learning, robotics, smart sensors and other related technologies in the artificial intelligence economy. He is also one of Europe’s biggest individual investors in the global esports mega trend. His most recent investments include over $100m committed to the ‘Rewired’ investment fund, which encompasses a robotics-focused venture studio and also an esports venture fund.

Tej Kohli made his initial fortune between 1999 and 2006 when he built a global payment gateways business in Costa Rica that grew exponentially by serving high risk industries thanks to its proprietary fraud protection software. The company also engaged in the acquisition, turnaround and sale of a portfolio of online gaming properties.

Tej Kohli exited the company following its sale in 2006 and focused on building the ‘Zibel’ real estate portfolio which holds premium commercial real estate assets and owns residential units and towers across India, South East Asia, the UAE and Europe. Tej Kohli also started investing in high-growth ventures and opportunities, culminating in the formation of the Kohli Ventures investment vehicle in 2010.

Tej Kohli seeks to make impact investments that can have a humanitarian as well as a commercial impact. Social impact is a key element of the investment calculus that is used by Kohli Ventures to assess new opportunities. In 2015 Tej Kohli backed a renewable energy company in South East Asia that provided off-grid solar products to bring clean and renewable devolved power generation to thousands of poor homes in rural India and Africa. Kohli Ventures exited the business in 2017.

Tej Kohli is also the lead backer of Detraxi, a US-based biotechnology company that has developed a proprietary solution that could solve some major global health challenges. The company is working with some of the world’s most talented scientists across fluid replacement, diagnostics, transplantation and regenerative medicine. The Detraxi technology has completed pre-clinical trials and is soon to be made available for licence.

Kohli Ventures has also backed a number of entirely commercial ventures. In 2014 Kohli Ventures fully acquired DynaCart, a universal payment processing company. In 2010 Kohli Ventures backed an M&A roll up of plastic surgery clinics in the USA, exiting in 2015. And in 2015 Kohli Ventures led the buyout and turnaround of a B2B SaaS platform technology provider that currently employs 300 software developers in eight countries.

Many of the individuals that Tej Kohli has mentored and invested in since 2006 have gone onto build their own successful global businesses. Tej is extremely proud of his mentorship of these entrepreneurs and today Tej Kohli continues to back innovative founders.

Tej Kohli’s greatest source of pride is the Tej Kohli Foundation. The Tej Kohli Foundation is developing solutions to major health challenges whilst also making direct interventions that change lives around the world. The Foundation’s Tej Kohli Cornea Institute provides free treatment and cures to thousands of the world’s poorest people each year; whilst the Tej Kohli Foundation Cornea Program and Applied Research program are leading international efforts to develop an adorable, scalable and accessible solution to ending corneal blindness.


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