We focus on exponential growth opportunities derived from the chain reaction of rapid technological progression by directly backing the founders of visionary growth-stage ventures in the areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, biotech and esports.
We also practice impact investment by seeking to back commercial ventures that have the potential to substantially improve human life. Our investment calculus gives equal weighting to human impact and investment growth across long time horizons
Kohli Ventures invests using the capital of our principals and does not rely on debt or leverage.
Kohli Ventures is the investment vehicle of Tej Kohli and is funded entirely by the private capital of the Kohli family without any third-party investors or debt. Kohli Ventures engages in private business activities and transactions with a focus on growth investing and impact investing in deep tech. Kohli Ventures seeks to back ambitious entrepreneurs with growth-stage investments into ventures that have a clear path toward exponential growth.
Tej Kohli is an advocate of the potential for artificial intelligence to become omnipresent. Through Kohli Ventures he has invested over $100m of his own money into unlocking the technologies of the AI revolution. Tej Kohli has previously predicted that the global AI economy could be worth $150 trillion and his investment thesis is that after democratisation AI will permeate every sector and improve every aspect of human life.
Kohli Ventures therefore seeks to invest in new frontier technologies from the world of deep tech that can leverage from this anticipated exponential growth in artificial intelligence whilst also offering new opportunities to solve global health and humanitarian challenges. This thesis extends to novel new applications and combinations of existing technologies that can drive a ‘double bottom line’ of financial and human benefit.
As a graduate in Electrical Engineering and a Distinguished Alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology, Tej Kohli is also fascinated by robotics and the smart sensor technologies that will be needed for the AI revolution. Kohli Ventures has backed high-growth ventures that are engaged in everything from LIDAR to AI-powered drones to smart robot assistants.
Kohli Ventures also invests in biotechnology and medical devices and is currently invested in a portfolio of biotech ventures and associated intellectual property in the fields of regenerative medicine, bio synthetics, fluid replacement and diagnostics. The status of Kohli Ventures as an investor of liquid capital on behalf of a single family is reflected in a risk appetite to back biotech ventures to whom traditional capital sources are inaccessible.
Kohli Ventures is also Europe’s largest individual investor into Esports due to its status as the lead investor into the Rewired.GG Esports Venture Fund. As the global esports competitive gaming phenomenon becomes the world’s largest spectator sport with new esports super stars emerging on the global stage, Kohli Ventures continues to invest in exponential growth ventures in what is already a billion dollar global industry.
Kohli Ventures is a for-profit investment vehicle, but a significant proportion of the investment income of Kohli Ventures is donated to the philanthropic Tej Kohli Foundation and Tej Kohli Cornea Institute to help combat blindness, disability and hunger amongst those who need help and support in countries all over the world through direct interventions and the development of new and novel solutions that are affordable, accessible and scalable worldwide.
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Tej Kohli

Tej Kohli is a visionary entrepreneur and investor with a track record for spotting new global trends and investing early.

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