The Investment Vehicle of Tej Kohli

Tej Kohli is a growth and impact investor focused on ventures that are pioneering the new technologies of the artificial intelligence economy including machine learning, robotics and smart sensor technologies. Through the Kohli Ventures investment vehicle Tej Kohli seeks to make impact investments that can have a humanitarian as well as a commercial impact. Tej Kohli is also Europe’s largest individual investor into the global esports mega trend.

The Kohli Ventures investment vehicle is funded entirely by the private capital of the Kohli family without any third-party investors or debt. Kohli Ventures engages exclusively in private business activities and transactions. Our mission is to discreetly back ambitious entrepreneurs and deep tech ventures that have a clear path toward exponential growth as well as having a meaningful human or social impact by solving major global challenges.

A Decade Of Successful Transactions
Kohli Ventures is privately held so the majority of investments within the portfolio are not disclosed within the public domain. A limited number of investments which have attracted publicity include a $100m commitment to the ‘Rewired’ fund in 2019, which encompasses a robotics-focused venture studio and an esports venture fund. In 2010 Kohli Ventures also publicly backed an M&A roll up in the private healthcare sector in the USA; and in 2014 Kohli Ventures publicly acquired DynaCart, a leading global e-commerce company.
Kohli Ventures has also led the buyout and turnaround of a B2B SaaS platform technology provider which currently employs over 300 software developers across eight countries. And in 2015 Kohli Ventures publicly backed a renewable energy company in South East Asia that provided off-grid solar products to bring clean and renewable devolved power generation to thousands of poor homes, exiting just a few years later.
Unlocking The AI Revolution
Tej Kohli is a vocal advocate of the potential for artificial intelligence to become omnipresent and has already committed over $100m of his own money into unlocking and mastering the technologies of the AI revolution. Tej Kohli has previously predicted that the global AI economy could be worth $150 trillion  and his investment thesis is that after a process of democratisation, AI will permeate and improve every aspect of human life.
Therefore today Kohli Ventures seeks to invest in new and novel frontier technologies from the world of deep tech that can leverage from the anticipated exponential growth in artificial intelligence whilst also offering new opportunities to solve global health and humanitarian challenges. This thesis extends to novel new applications and combinations of existing technologies that can drive a ‘double bottom line’ of financial and human benefit.
Transformative Biotechnology
Kohli Ventures also invests in biotechnology and medical devices and is currently invested in a portfolio of biotech ventures and associated intellectual property in the fields of regenerative medicine, bio synthetics, fluid replacement and diagnostics. Kohli Ventures is also the lead backer of Detraxi, a US-based biotechnology company that has developed a proprietary solution which could solve some major global health challenges. The Detraxi technology has completed trials at Johns Hopkins University and has already secured a pre-market licencing deal in Asia that has an estimated value of more than $50 million.
The status of Kohli Ventures as an investor of liquid capital on behalf of a single family is reflected in a risk appetite to back biotechnology ventures to whom traditional capital sources are inaccessible. Biotechnology requires a lot of patience and an appetite for risk that excludes most institutional sources of investment funds from participating. Kohli Ventures seeks to back biotech ventures with a clear pathway to transformational impact.
Leading The Esports Megatrend
As the investment vehicle of Tej Kohli, Kohli Ventures is also Europe’s largest individual investor into Esports. As the global esports competitive gaming phenomenon becomes the world’s largest spectator sport and with new esports super stars emerging on the global stage, Kohli Ventures continues to invest in exponential growth ventures in what is already a billion dollar global industry. As one of the world’s most prominent esports investors, Kohli Ventures is committed to creating one of the world’s first billion-dollar esports teams.
With annual revenue growth in excess of 25%, the global esports market has surpassed $1 billion in revenue. Esports is a spectator sport with estimated global audiences of between 300 and 700 million. Notable investors into esports include David Beckham, Michael Jordan, Drake and Robert Kraft.
Sharing Our Experience
As a Distinguished Alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology, Tej Kohli has always been fascinated by emerging new technologies. Tej Kohli enjoyed his contemporary success in the early 2000’s when he built a portfolio of companies such as Estacion Tramar, which grew exponentially by building and managing payment gateways and by licencing its market-leading proprietary fraud protection software into high risk online segments.
Tej Kohli began divesting subsidiaries and spin out companies in a series of trade sale exits, culminating in 2006. Faced with needing to find a home for several years of incoming liquidity from the earn out payments relating to the trade sales, Tej Kohli began investing into e-commerce and deep tech ventures before launching Kohli Ventures in 2010 to manage these investments.
Drawing from this rollercoaster experience Tej Kohli has since mentored up-and-coming young entrepreneurs, many of whom have gone on to build their own successful businesses. Tej is extremely proud of this legacy of the Kohli Ventures mentorship programme, and today Tej Kohli continues to back innovative founders.
Rebuilding People & Communities
A proportion of the investment income of Kohli Ventures is donated to the not-for-profit Tej Kohli Foundation. Through its commitment to rebuild people and communities around the world the Tej Kohli Foundation is developing solutions to major global challenges whilst also making direct interventions that change lives. The Tej Kohli Cornea Institute also provides free treatment and cures to thousands of the world’s poorest people each year; whilst the Cornea Program and Applied Research program are leading international efforts to develop an adorable, scalable and accessible solution to ending poverty-driven corneal blindness.
Tej Kohli regularly shares wisdom, insight and thoughts about key issues from the world of philanthropy on his Medium blog. He also shares his views on investment, real estate and the commercial on his Ghost blog. You can follow Tej Kohli on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the tag #TejTalks. In 2020 Tej Kohli released ‘Rebuilding You: The Philanthropy Handbook’ as guide for wealth creators who are seeking to help other people by rebuilding people and communities around the world.

Tej Kohli

Tej Kohli is a visionary entrepreneur and investor with a track record for spotting new global trends and investing early.

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What are the investment criteria of Kohli Ventures?

We invest in growth stage ventures that have a clear and credible roadmap for exponential growth. We also invest in commercial venture that have a visible route to substantially improving human lives. We typically seek to be the sole or lead investor and to take a majority stake in the ventures that we back, and to provide enough funding to eliminate the need for multiple funding rounds. Our objective is for founders to focus on business growth rather than fundraising with the support of our financial and intellectual capital.

How much does Kohli Ventures typically invest?

We typically invest between £5m and £50m to back ventures that have already proven the potential in their business model and who need support to quickly scale worldwide. We only back ventures that are aligned with our ethos of making a large investment in return for a majority stake and an active role in their growth. We do not invest alongside others or into ventures that expect to dilute our investment during future fundraising rounds.

What qualifies as a growth-stage investment?

The Kohli Ventures investment philosophy is derived from the precepts of the Six D’s of exponential growth. We only back ventures with a proven business model and which can credibly map their prospects against the Six D’s of exponential growth.

What qualifies as an impact investment?

A Kohli Ventures impact investment is any venture that has the clear and visible potential to achieve substantial human impact on a global scale. Our investment calculus gives equal weight to human impact and investment growth. Unlike investment funds who invest using clients’ funds, Kohli Ventures only invests the liquid capital of our principals, and so we are able to take a very long-term view on the expected human impact of an investment.

We prefer impact investments that can have a substantial and measurable impact within poor and underserved communities, and impact investments that can significantly improve human life of a worldwide scale. For impact investments with no commercial model, please visit the Tej Kohli Foundation and Tej Kohli Cornea Institute for donation and grant funding.

Which sectors does Kohli Ventures invest in?

Kohli Ventures invests in artificial intelligence, robotics, biotech and esports. We also invest in ventures operating within the interconnected ecosystems that enable these sectors. We are particularly fascinated by the technologies required to enable an omnipresent artificial intelligence and which will power the future AI economy. We are also enthusiastic about new applications of technology that have a clear and credible route to exponential growth.

Does Kohli Ventures invest in investment funds?

Kohli Ventures invests in deep tech through the Rewired investment fund. We also invest in esports through the Rewired.GG Esports Venture Fund. Kohli Ventures is not presently seeking to make any further investments through managed third-party investment funds.

What does Kohli Ventures expect to see in an initial business plan?

We receive many speculative investment decks that fail to grab our attention because they arrive without the context of the ‘vision’ of their founders. The best way to grab our attention is to first send us a video of no more than five minutes in duration, that provides the vision for your venture and frames its prospects around the 5 D’s of exponential growth.

We like to back entrepreneurs who have big dreams, but it is vital that you are able to demonstrate to us the hard fundamentals of your venture that support your goals. We encourage you to be specific. Making theoretical and esoteric assertions about market size and the value of obtaining a market share are rarely credible. We like to back ventures that have already proven what they can do and need funding to scale it exponentially.

Unrealistic valuations are the main barrier to most investment opportunities. Think about whether your valuation represents an attractive investment proposal right now. We highly recommend that your proposed pre-money valuation is grounded in a tangible reality.

What else can I expect from Kohli Ventures in terms of support?

Kohli Ventures seeks to be the sole or majority investor in the ventures that we back, and to then provide the capital required for the venture to achieve its potential without multiple new rounds of fundraising. When we back a venture, we seek to sweat our investment return by providing the resources and intellectual capital to achieve rapid global growth.

Where does Kohli Ventures invest?

Kohli Ventures invests worldwide with a preference for the international hubs where we have existing operations or investments. We seek to invest in ventures with a credible plan for international growth, led by teams with a strong track record for operating worldwide.

How soon can I expect a response from Kohli Ventures?

Due to the volume of investment proposals received, we regret that Kohli Ventures cannot respond to every enquiry. If you have taken the time to tailor your proposal for Kohli Ventures, then we are more likely to acknowledge your proposal and to provide feedback.

What is the best way to connect with Kohli Ventures?

We do not respond to unsolicited calls or meeting invites. The best way to connect with Kohli Ventures is by sending an email that clearly demonstrates you have read our FAQ.

Kohli Ventures is the investment vehicle of entrepreneur and investor Tej Kohli, and you can follow Tej Kohli on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as @MrTejKohli.

What investments does Kohli Ventures currently hold?

The Kohli Ventures portfolio is privately held and very few of the investments that we control and manage are disclosed within the public domain. The privacy of investing using only our private capital enables Kohli Ventures to act and transact with acute agility.

How is Kohli Ventures funded?

Kohli Ventures is the investment vehicle of entrepreneur and investor Tej Kohli. We invest using the highly liquid cash resources of our principal and without using debt. Our long-term commitments are underwritten by a sustainable asset base in global real estate.

How can I get involved with Kohli Ventures if I have useful skills?

Kohli Ventures is always interested in the recruitment of talented individuals. Please send us your resume with a covering email.

Who is Tej Kohli?

Tej Kohli is an investor and philanthropist who is best known for his mission to eliminate poverty-driven corneal blindness worldwide by 2035. He is an evangelist of the promise of technology to improve human life and since 2006 has been investing in a global portfolio of AI, robotics and genomics ventures using income derived from a sizeable global real estate portfolio. You can learn about Tej Kohli on his website at