The Kohli Ventures focus is on exponential growth opportunities that are derived from the chain reaction of rapid technological progression. We seek to directly backing the founders of visionary growth-stage ventures in the areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, biotech and esports. We have synthesised our investment philosophy from the precepts of the ‘Six D’s of Exponential Growth’ by Peter H Diamandis and Steven Kotler.


Anything that becomes digitized enters the same exponential growth we see in computing. Digital information is easy to access, share, and distribute. It can spread at the speed of the internet. Once something can be represented in ones and zeros—from music to biotechnology—it becomes an information-based technology and enters exponential growth.


The existing market for a product or service is disrupted by the new market the exponential technology creates because digital technologies outperform in effectiveness and cost. Once you can stream music on your phone, why buy CDs? If you can also snap, store, and share photographs, why buy a camera and film?


When something starts being digitized, its initial period of growth is deceptive because exponential trends don't seem to grow very fast at first. Doubling .01 only gets you .02, then .04, and so on. Exponential growth really takes off after it breaks the whole-number barrier. 2 quickly becomes 32, which becomes 32,000 before you know it.


Separate physical products are removed from the equation. Technologies that were once bulky or expensive—radio, camera, GPS, video, phones, maps—are now all in a smartphone that fits in your pocket.


Money is increasingly removed from the equation as the technology becomes cheaper, often to the point of being free. Software is less expensive to produce than hardware and copies are virtually free. You can now download any number of apps on your phone to access terabytes of information and enjoy a multitude of services at costs approaching zero.


Once something is digitized, more people can have access to it. Powerful technologies are no longer only for governments, large organizations, or the wealthy.

“The Six Ds are a chain reaction of technological progression, a road map of rapid development that always leads to enormous upheaval and opportunity.”
–Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler

We live in times of incredible change. News can travel in an instant and arrive into the palm of our hands and arrive in any shade and colour of our choosing. Music, films, video games, communication and new knowledge are omnipresent on our 4G and 5G-connected devices. Across all sectors, powerful technologies that were once only available to huge organizations and governments are becoming more accessible and affordable thanks to a raid process of digitization. And the potential for founders and entrepreneurs to disrupt industries, and for corporate giants to unexpectedly go extinct, has never been greater.

A century ago, ‘disruption’ meant devising a new product or service that people needed but didn’t yet have, and then finding a way to produce it with higher quality and lower costs than competitors. The barriers to entry were substantial, since to do this often required hiring hundreds or even thousands of employees, and having a large physical space to put them in, and then waiting years to make an investment return.

But thanks to the chain reaction of rapid technological development that are seeing new technologies develop at exponential rates of change, the modern business and investment landscape has taken on a dramatically different look and feel.

The structure of organizations is now changing forever. Instead of employing thousands of people and using large physical plants, modern ventures are lean and focus on information technologies. They ‘dematerialize’ what was once physical and create new digital products from which they can derive new revenue streams within just a few weeks. In short, it no longer takes a huge corporation to make a significant global impact.

We live in the age of the entrepreneur. Technology is allowing them to disrupt traditional processes forever. This disruption is laced with opportunity for the kind of forward-thinking entrepreneurs and founders that Kohli Ventures seeks to back with our investment.

The ‘big secret’ to growing exponentially and being able to positively impact the lives of millions of people is in understanding the growth cycle of new and digital technologies. This growth cycle takes place in six key steps, called the ‘Six Ds’ of exponential growth: digitization, deception, disruption, demonetization, dematerialization, and democratization.

As more of the global economy is digitized, everything from medicine to manufacturing can be disrupted using technology in ways that create brand new exponential growth around the world. The Six Ds are a road map showing what can happen when an exponential technology is born. Not every phase is easy, but the results give entrepreneurs the power to change the world in a faster and more impactful way than traditional businesses ever could.

These are the entrepreneurs and ventures that Kohli Ventures seeks to invest in.
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